A Strange Advert

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A Strange Advert

"Helen just listen to this ad in the local, young active man will clean your house free no job too small very and helpful willing.

"Dont be silly Mother thats a con, or its probably some pervert after /women/">women I really dont mind helping you if you find things too much."

Irene said no more to her /daughter/">daughter but she was very curious about the ad and decided to make inquires when Helen left.

"Im ringing about your advert is it genuine?"

"Yes indeed Maam perfectly genuine how can I help you?"

"I think I would like to see you first is that ok?"

"Certainly Maam if you meet me at two by the clock in the square I will have a black suit with a white rose button hole."

A rather tall slender dark-haired young man came up to Irene and introduced himself as Richard.
"Now youngman Im not a young woman nor am I stupid just what do you hope to gain from this be honest?"
Richard blushed at this direct question and seemed tongue- tied.

"I just like to be told what to do,"he stammered.
Irene stared at him with her piercing black eyes,"why?" she asked.

He looked at the pavement, silent for a minute then shrugged his shoulders,"Im not too sure," he spoke slowly.

"Are you a sexual pervert ?" she asked him directly.
Richard looked shocked, "Im sorry he muttered and walked away."

"Come back here at once," said Irene in a raised voice.
Richard walked back.

"Now you listen to me I want my house cleaned and you would suit me fine, so I will go along with your perversion as far as pleases me, and no further do you understand me?"

"Certainly Maam thank you so much for considering me I will do my best to please you in every possible way."
Irene fixed her eyes on him,"dont worry Richard I will make sure you do," she added sarcastically.

Back at the House

"Im the lady you are my servant, take off that jacket and put this apron indian santali xvideo on get that kitchen floor mopped and the surfaces wiped them start hoovering." Irene held a short bamboo cane, I will use this cane on you if you slack or displease me in anyway so get moving now," and she brandished the cane infront of Richards face.
"Yes Maam."
Irene sat in her armchair well pleased and read a magazine occasionally watching the work proceed. A great sense of power came over her realised that her troubles were solved and she began to plan just what she would do with this youngman. A few very naughty thoughts came into her head which she dismissed as outrageous: then again she was sixty two what the hell why not do as she pleased. She thought of her daughter Helen how shocked shed be, anyway it was her life and not so much of it left now.
"Yes Maam."
"Lie down full length on the floor Im going to use you as my seat."
Irene sat firmly on Richards chest but it was rather low so she instructed him to lie on the settee.
"Ah thats better," she crossed her legs and sat back with her magazine.

Irene got up, "now," she said with a wicked smile Im going to use your face for my seat," and down she plonked herself right on top of his face. Richard was totally impassive but he was thrilled sexually and began to get an arousal, which rose up long and firm forming the tell-tale tent in his trousers.

Irene saw this and raising her buttocks said, "what are you thinking about ?"

"I cant say Maam its rather rude."

"I insist,"she raised her voice.

"I just imagined you were sitting naked on my face and I had my tongue inside your pussy Maam."

Irene stood up and removed her tights and pulled down her white cotton panties then positioning her bottom over Richards face she lowered her self onto his mouth. My God this felt wonderful she could feel his tongue probing and feeling its way around her fanny lips, "oh thats lovely she sighed oh marvellous just keep licking me,"Irene had never felt so good for years.

In her excitement she suddenly wondered if Richard could breath so she raised her buttocks "are you ok,"she said.

"Oh yes Maam its just wonderful would it be ok if I licked your bottom hole Maam it would be a great privilege."Irene could hardly believe she was hearing this but she wanted to feel the pleasure so she agreed and instantly felt his soft tongue licking her anus. The tongue seemed to carress her anus as it licked and probed it was a marvellous feeling and she splayed herself wider and flt Richards nose on her lower fanny as he licked her anus then he kissed her anus with his lips and the tip of his tongue tickled her puckered hole.

Irene began to feel sexual arousal as she had never felt before and when his tongue played with her clit she felt she was in heaven.
She suddenly realised that this perverted youngmale could thrill her and there need be no strings attached to the relationship.She looked at his errect cock sticking up and felt a overwhelming desire to sit on his penis. Meanwhile Richard was working on her wet fanny for all he was worth drinking her down. She began to rock on his face feeling just wonderful she got up dripping wet,"get your trousers down she gasped," and in moments she was riding his pole and groaning with delight.

In a few minutes he felt her cum and he also spurted out his spunk with a thusting push filling her fanny with hot white spunk mingling their juices in a fury of lust.

When she eased her hips off his pole she was surprized to feel his face under her again drinking down his own cum his mouth open and swollowing eagarly. Irene was shocked at this deprave act yet it felt so nice to be cleaned down there she enjoyed the aftermath alain lyle porn and sat until he had licked her lips clean.

Richard finally surfaced his face flushed and wet he was licking his lips with his tongue.

"Oh Maam that was just wonderful."