My sexy trucker

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My sexy trucker

I have a really high sex drive and i am so addicted to sex. I am a married /women/">women of 37 and my husband works hard to provide us both with a good income but he is never around when i need sex. Recently i went out with a friend of mine and on the way home we pulled into a motorway cafe for a break. I saw some of the most roughest men i have seen anywhere in my life. One guy had stubble and was huge and i imagined fucking him. If he got on top of me he would probably squash me to death. I am quite a petite women, a size 10 and i work out to stay in trim. I get a lot of glancing looks as i walk past people but i have never been unfaithful yet, But just latley my sex drive has gone up and my husband cant keep up with me so i have been looking around for it elsewhere. In the cafe a guy sat on the table next to us and i could see he was eyeing my legs.

He was about 40 and he had black hair and a short beard. He was a big man and as he ate his meal he kept glancing over to us. I thought about what it would be like to fuck him in the toilets. After my friend and i had finished our coffee we left and when i got home i continued to think about those men in the cafe. A few weeks later i decide to go back to the cafe alone just to look at the men there. I dont know why they attracted me so much i guess its because my husband is well groomed and i come from a very wealthy family. As i pulled up to the cafe i saw two men by a truck. I got out and i could see them looking at me. I was wearing a short white skirt and a black shirt. I also had black high heels on which made driving difficult. I walked into the cafe as the men stared at me. When i got in there i went to the counter and orderd a cup of tea and sat down in the corner. A man came into the cafe and orderd something and went to sit down just across from me. He was in his late 40s and had short black hair with the usual stubble and rough look and he was large. I made a point of going over to him and asking him some directions. I made it sound like i was a complete idiot and i was lost. He said he had some maps in his truck and went to get them. I followed him and when we got to his truck he hopped in and i sat in next to him and we looked at the map. I noticed he was looking at my body so i began to flirt with him. He knew that i had sex in mind when he asked if i wanted to get in the back with him. I climbed in and he followed and i unziped his dirty jeans. He began kissing me and i could feel his rough chin on me.

I moved my head towards his cock and began to suck him off. He thrusted his cock in and out of my mouth and then he pulled my top off and started to suck my tits. He could almost fit my entire tit in his mouth and he suck me hard. He was so rough with me and he ordered me to remove my white skirt and panties. I removed my cloths and was totally naked and he then stripped down and was only wearing a white t.shirt. He asked me to bend over and when i did he began licking my /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. He tounge fucked and fingered me for ages. Then he put his /cock/big-cock/">big cock into my pussy and pumped me. I could feel his balls slap against my arse as he thrusted me. I was sweating now but he wouldnt stop he had alot of stamina. then he puled out his cock and made me climbe on top of him in the 69er position and i sucked his cock as he tounge fucked my pussy. I could taste my own jucies on his cock as he licked me. He moved his tounge and flicked it across my arse hole and he asked if he could fuck it. I said yes and layed on my side and he layed behind me and put the tip of his cock on my /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole. he slide his cock up my tiny hole and fucked my arse slowly.

After a while he got a bit faster and i could feel his pre cum lubricating bokep sma pecah perawan me. He grabbed my hips and fucked my arse hole banging me harder and harder than all of a sudden he pulled out his cock and told me to lay on my back. He then lifted my legs up to my shoulders and pushed his cock into my waiting bald cunt. He banged me hard and fast and i started to pant. The sweat dripped of him as he let out moans of delight. I could feel myself cuming and i put my hand down to my cunt and felt his balls, then i screamed as i came. He pumped me then pulled out his cock and wanked it and spurted his hot spunk all over my cunt and belly. We both sat there for a while and i played with his cock until it hardened again and i began sucking it. I sucked it while he rubbed my arse and he put old waman xxxgx his finger into it and fucked it.

 Then he cried he was going to cum and he shot his load into my mouth,some of the spunk ran down my chin but i managed to swallow some of it. Next i put my cloths back on except for my knickers and we got into the front seats of the truck and he showed me how to get home on the map. I never told him wheer i lived but he said he uses the cafe a lot so i will go back there sometime and meet him. As we said our goodbyes he kissed my lips and pushed my back and i opened my legs and he sucked my pussy then went back to kiss my lips. I got out and he slaped my arse and i blew him a kiss and flashe dmy tits to him. As i drove home i got wet thinking about sex with him and i am definatly going to go back there i might even try to fuck two truckers this time.