Everyone fucks Susan

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Everyone fucks Susan

I run a small I.T company with about 15 full time staff and two part timers. It had been a good week for the company so I decided to shout everyone some drinks at the end of the day. We went to a local bar that was not far from the office and relaxed with a round of cocktails. 

I knew most of the staff quite well except for Susan who was one of the part timers. 

Since she was quite new and only worked a few hours per week I didn’t know that much about her except that she was married. She was quite attractive, about 30 years old with shoulder length dark hair, pert breasts and a fairly large round ass. Even though she usually dressed quite conservatively, she was confident with her body and flirted with the other guys in the office. 

As the evening progressed I made an effort to get to know her better and was surprised about how open she was about herself. She recounted some of the wild times she had in college and I got the impression that she had fucked a lot of guys while she was there. We were getting pretty drunk at this stage and I was starting to get turned on by her. 
She was wearing a button up shirt that showed just a hint of cleavage and a knee length skirt that revealed her smooth bare legs. I couldn’t help thinking about whether she had /underwear/">underwear on and what her pussy looked like. Watching her lips move as she spoke I imagined /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth and milf porn videos wondered if I got a few more drinks into her and gave her a lift home that perhaps I could make a detour on the way. 

At this point in the evening there were only about 6 of us remaining, Susan being the only woman. One of the other guys let it slip that they wanting to go to the strip club across the road which I thought would be the perfect opportunity to get her alone. To my /surprise/">surprise Susan said that she would love to tag along, as her husband goes to them all the time and it would be fun. So we left shortly after and within minutes were in the club seated at a table, watching some real babes strip down on stage to the delight of the raucous crowd that were there.

We had a few more rounds and were all feeling pretty wasted when Susan got up to use the bathroom, after she was gone the other five of us talked about how cool it was that she was so relaxed about being in a strip club drinking with the boys, of course the conversation quickly led to speculation about whether one of us could get into her pants before the night was over, I was determined that it would be me.

After about 15 minutes I suddenly realised that Susan had been gone for way to long so I left our table and went directly to the ladies room to see if she was ok. When I opened the door what I found surprised the hell out of me, Susan was standing between to guys, no not standing, she was being held up by one guy with the other guy fucking her from behind. My first reaction was to stop them as fast as I could but as I approached I saw the pleasured look on her face, she was moaning and seemed to be having a great time. I was stunned, I wasn’t sure what to do, I couldn’t just barge in and attack these two guys if she was a willing participant and it was also making me extremely horny watching her ass, that was now fully exposed getting pumped by this guy. As I watched in awe the guy that was holding her up turned around to me and said ’hey, I’ve got her next, you can have her after that’. Susan, now realising that I was there flashed a drunken smile at me as she was being rocked back and forth by the thrusts of the guy behind her.

After a couple of minutes of feeling awkward I went back to our table to have another drink, as I sat down the blowjob porn videos other guys questioned me where Susan was. I slowly explained, still barley believing it myself. We sat there for a while trying to decide what to do and the conclusion we came to was that if she wanted to let a couple of strangers fuck her in the toilets of a strip bar then that was her choice, we also quickly realised that if she would let those other guys fuck her then she would probably let us have her as well. We were all getting quite excited by this unexpected turn of events so we left the table, keen not to miss out as there was definitely some attention being focused at the rear of the club by now. 

When we got to the toilet door we had to push our way in as it was pretty crowded in there, Susan was lying on her back on the bathroom floor getting fucked hard by some guy and about 12 others cheering him on, he wasn’t on top of her for very long as his body stiffened up, shooting his load into her. As he pulled away I saw Susan’s pussy for the /first-time/">first time, she had quite long dark pubic her covering her mound with her lips swollen and open. She had cum matted through it and a line of cum trailing down to her ass and on to the floor. Susan was looking less conscious than before, her eyes were still open but she looked wasted. We watched as she was rolled over and groped by half a dozen hands, each eager to penetrate her pussy or ass. The bathroom was now getting filled to capacity so someone suggested that it would be better to take her somewhere else rather than stay in this crummy bathroom and risk getting kicked out by the management.

With that she was scooped up off the floor and carried through the back door of the club out to the parking lot, it was quite dark out there and felt weird standing around with two dozen guys I didn’t know, trying to decide where we could take Susan, my employee to be gang fucked. But I definitely didn’t want to miss my chance to fuck her pussy. After a short discussion it was agreed that we would meet at a clearing around the block. I got into my car and drove over to the clearing along with the others. She was carried over to a van that one of the guys had taken and promptly set upon again. 

The doors were open with the interior light on so that we could all see and it was a real turn on seeing her used in that way, one guy was fucking her in the ass and another was drilling her mouth, Susan was moaning a lot, although she was so drunk that the guy fucking her mouth had to hold her head up off the van floor while he was grinding his crotch into her face. Other guys took turns with her afterwards; some of them were really rough, fucking her in the ass as hard as they could to the cheers of the group. After about an hour I finally got my turn, she was lying in the van, on her back with her ass just over the edge so that I could remain standing. Her pussy and her ass were both swollen and wet, and smelt like cum. I pulled by fully erect cock out and ploughed into her, fucking her as hard and deep as I could. Her pussy was very slippery with the other cum, but there was enough friction in there to feel really good. As I pumped away at her pussy I looked at her face, her eyes were barley open and I wondered if her husband knew how much of a slut she was, this just turned me on more and I suddenly exploded into her pussy.
I stayed around to watch the last of the guys fuck her, this went on until almost daylight as some of them fucked her a second time. When they were all finished I put her in my car and laid her down in the front seat. She was a mess, she had no bra or panties and had been fucked /raw/">raw by two dozen guys, miraculously I had found her skirt, so after dressing her as best I could, started to drive her home. We stopped for drive in coffee and I managed to get her relatively sobered up.

She was a bit sheepish as she asked if I had fucked her as well, I said that everyone had fucked her. As we neared her house I asked her if she wanted to stop somewhere to get cleaned up, otherwise her husband would know what she had been up to, ’don’t worry’ she said ’we have a very open marriage’, ’he wont mind’. This just turned me on again, combined with the smell of cum on her. So as we pulled over out side her house I told her that I wasn’t finished with her yet. She looked at me, surprised for a second, then asked what I wanted, I told her to turn around in the seat and lift her skirt. She slowly turned over and raised her skirt exposing her red and still sticky ass, I got behind her and reclined the seat. After removing my pants I stuck the head of my penis against her ass, slowly pushing until she gave way and swallowed my cock, Susan gave off little squeals each time I thrust into her and watching the remaining cum from the other guys squeezing out around my cock as I got deeper inside just turned me on more. 

As I rammed into her I held her by the neck to stop her from moving as much, wanting to punish her ass as much as I could before she went in to her husband. I fucked her in that position for about 20 minutes before coming hard in her ass. I got back in my seat and as I lay there recovering pulled her head down to my cock and so that she could clean me off with her mouth and as she sucked the remaining cum from my cock I told her that I would be fucking her whenever I felt like it and that when she turned up to work on Monday she shouldn’t wear any underwear. Looking half /scared/">scared and half excited she agreed and got out of the car. I watched her as she walked to her front door and slipped inside.