Mom friend donna

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Mom friend donna

I was at my moms friends helping her. after we finished what we were doing she said she would give me a ride home after her shower so I said ok. donna went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. she closed the door but left it open a crack so I can see in the bathroom. I kept looking threw the crack in the door as she got undressed. I got so hard donna is a tall /skinny/skinny-women/">skinny women with short /blonde/">blonde hair and blue eyes.i kept lookin at her as she got in the shower donna had nice perky /tits/small-tits/">small tits with her nipples peirced and shaved her pussy. I watched her as she showered rubbing soap on her body. when donna started to wash her pussy I put my hand in my pants and watched as she rubbed her clit. after donna was washed up she got out of the shower and dried off. she grabbed her bra and panties putting them on. donna looked at me threw the cracked door and came out of the bathroom.

I was so /scared/">scared that she caught me but she smiled and asked if I liked what I saw. I told her yes that she looked great. she said that I must of liked it because I looked a little hard. I said that I was sorry. donna said thats ok brandon as she slid her hand in her panties. I kept looking as she rubbed her clit after a few seconds she grabbed my wrist and took me to her couch. she told me to relax as she undid my pants pulling my cock out. donna then started strokein my cock looking at my eyes smileing. donna asked if I wanted her to suck on it as she started licking the tip. I told her to keep goin pushin her head down. donna kept sucking till she started gaggin. I stopped her and started kissing her neck down to her chest. I took off her bra off and started rubbing her tits sucking on her nipples. donna pushed my head down to her panties and I pushed my nose to her pantie xxx sex video download free com covered pussy and sniffed.

She smelled great I slid off her panties and sat her on the couch. donna put her legs over my shoulder as I starting licking her pussy. donna got so wet and was dripping on my face begging me to fuck her. I kept her legs over my shoulder as I moved up into place. donna grabbed my cock and slid it in I started to pump slowly looking into her blue eyes. we kept fucking looking at each other. she started to moan loud as I pumped harder and harder she was so wet and warm I could feel that I was gonna cum.i tried to pull out but she pulled me tight telling to cum in her she wants my war load inside her. I started to cum holding my cock deep inside her filling her.

We started sexxxx video ful hd kissing as I held my cock deep in her.she got up and got on her knees putting my cock in her mouth sucking our juices off it.after I came in her mouth again she swallowed it and got dressed. she took me home and asked for my help the next day.